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Eucalyptus Silk Sleep Mask

Eucalyptus Silk Sleep Mask

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Made of the finest woven eucalyptus silk (aka TENCEL lyocell made from eucalyptus fibers), this luxuriously soft and silky sleep mask will enhance your sleep, relax your eyes and sooth your mind right on the spot. Its ultra-soft quality feels heavenly on your skin for an incomparably better sleeping routine. Breathable, and hypoallergenic, this sleeping face-mask allows for healthy oxygen circulation. Best of all, our products are designed to be gentle on sensitive and acne prone skin. So say goodbye to acne breakouts! Sleeping on our luxurious vegan eucalyptus silk from TENCEL protects skin and hair from friction damage. The fabric is incredibly versatile: it's naturally cool to the touch and temperature regulating, which makes it great for all seasons. Available in Light Blue and Beige.

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